I believe that in order to reach modern learners educators must find ways  to make learning not only relevant, but personal as well. Over the last 18 years I have strived to create experiences that focus on personalized learning.  I have created progressive curriculums that equip and empower middle and high school students with the necessary skills to succeed in today’s innovation economy. Currently I am a member of the Innovation Institute at Lake Highland Preparatory School, where I teach Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking and Digital Communication. Prior to this role I developed the Personal Branding and Digital Communications curriculum for North Broward Preparatory School and  taught hundreds of students how to expertly manage their social media profiles and behaviors. This work has become a model for schools nationwide and inspired much of my contribution to Brand Up: The Ultimate Playbook for College and Career Success in the Digital World 


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The Business Blueprint: Unleashing Entrepreneurial Minds 

Are you a school leader looking to inspire innovation? 

My name is Jason, and I would love the chance to discuss how we may collaborate. 

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